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The company specializes in advertising pages in search engines.

Support for private and corporate customers for advertising websites in search engines. SEO web and internet shops. Advice on the selection of items and the necessary steps to improve your site's visibility. Use only techniques authorized by the so-called search engines whiteseo.

Experts at Organic SEO Services with a performance-based guarantee. Business analysis, strategic planning & streamlined link building. competitive search engine optimization

Who we are ?

Specialist SEO, SEM, online advertising and positioning of websites in Google. Optimization of code pages and online stores for better visibility on the Internet and achieve the top position in search results. Internet in today's world is almost everywhere and use it almost all - both companies looking for contractors and contractor offering their services. See what we can do for your business, as the Internet changes the perception of the local market.

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What we do ?

Positioning is one of the most effective forms of promotion on the web site. Most Internet users using search engines such as Google, use only the first page of search results. If your page is located at the downstream positions are only a small number of Internet users to reach it. Websites that are high in the results of popular search engines, they are seen by Internet users to be more reliable, valuable and trusted.

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Our whiteseo action

  • Used the method in accordance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines

  • Settlement with the customer on the basis of a monthly report containing the position of each phrase

  • Fees are required after obtaining a result - this time the client does not accept fees

  • Analysis of the customer and his needs in order to choose the appropriate items

  • Campaigns sponsored links AdWords

  • Supervision of the campaigns, reporting progress, competition analysis, the current correction

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